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What It Is

One of the nation’s leading health systems specializing in rehabilitation from traumatic injury and illness.


Amid record competition for nurses among health systems, Madonna was planning its second hospital campus.

The organization wanted to jumpstart hiring for its existing hospital and begin identifying candidates for positions at the new location.

Madonna Facebook Post
Madonna Facebook Post
Madonna Facebook Post

What We Did

After researching the category and motivations of our target audience, Redstone identified radio, Facebook, and LinkedIn as ideal platforms that could all speak effectively to one of their key motivations:  The ability to do truly meaningful work. 

Few health systems give care professionals the opportunity to make as dramatic an impact on individuals as a rehabilitation hospital helping people recover from devastating head and spine injuries.

While demographically and geographically targeted radio made the emotionally-charged case for organic search, the paid Facebook and LinkedIn efforts reached out directly to solicit click-throughs to Madonna’s careers page. 


Over the course of the campaign, both digital efforts saw measurable success:

  • Madonna’s Facebook page grew by 7.15% in ‘Page Likes’
  • Over 29,000 click-throughs on Facebook, and over 130 on LinkedIn.
  • Driving organic growth, the Facebook posts have been shared nearly 400 times.

Fun Fact

In a 2014 Gallup poll, Americans listed nurses as having the highest honesty and ethical standards.