Your audience members are more than demographics. They share emotional motivations that allow us to unlock their potential and create a brand relationship that goes beyond a simple purchase.

The Science

Researchers have identified 10 core human motivations that drive our decisions and behavior. These motivations exert influence in different combinations depending on the individual and the decision (a purchase, for example) in question. We look at your audience through the prism of their motivations to help find them, engage them and win them over.

Learn The 10 Human Motivations
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The Practice

We create actionable personas to represent each of your core audiences. These multi-dimensional character studies help us to relate to and understand your audience in ways that pure data cannot.

Of course, when we combine your audience personas with the data sets available to us through our access to research from Nielsen, Rentrak, Scarborough, Kantar Media and others, the power to connect with and influence your audience is exponential.

See Sample Persona Frameworks